We believe in Freedom

The kind of freedom that creates optimism, opportunity, and growth. Our story didn’t start with a few seeds in the ground. It started with a life changed and a resounding belief that a bit of freedom can go a long way to helping our customers live a life where they are free to heal, free to relax, free to live their best life.


We care about what we make. Through innovation, effort, attention to detail, and respect for the cannabis plant and our customers, our team of master growers are committed to growing and producing the highest quality medical and adult recreational cannabis products that fit any lifestyle.

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We care about how we grow. Inspired by principles of smart, functional, and sustainable design, we are committed to grow with care. Our innovative growing and harvesting processes are designed to reduce crop risk, increase yields, and cultivate the highest quality strains of cannabis plants.

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Freedom cares. It’s just our way of doing things. We are committed to growing and making products that enhance people’s lives and that fit any lifestyle. We put our heart into everything we do and believe that putting employees and communities first is the key to growing and making products that meet the highest standard of quality and care.

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Freedom Cannabis is a private, seed to sale cannabis company Licensed by Health Canada under the Cannabis Act. Established in 2017 and based in the province of Alberta, we have assembled a team of experts and experienced professionals who are working to build one of the world’s leading cannabis companies.

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