Our Latitude line is comprised of indica dominant strains that are high in THC and low in CBD. Indica dominant strains are known to have relaxing effects.




Wedding Cake

CBD 0.07%THC 19%

Coming Soon!

Wedding Cake is an indica dominant strain with a THC content of about 19%. The aroma is lemon citrus with a hint of pepper which is only enhanced by its tangy and sour flavour. The buds are light green with prominent orange pistils and appear frosty due to the layer of trichomes that coat the plant.

  • 28% beta-caryophyllene
  • 12% betapinene
  • 11% d-limonene
  • 22% nerolidal
  • 27% other
coming soon

Grandpa's Stash

CBD 0.03%THC 21%

Coming soon!

Grandpa’s Stash is a mellow indica dominant strain with THC levels around 21%. The aroma is both sweet and skunky, blending perfectly with the distinct flavours of incense and pine. Its large buds boast a variety of colours from light green to purple.

  • 12% beta-pinene
  • 26% Caryophyllene
  • 10% d-limonene
  • 21% nerolidol
  • 31% other
coming soon

Secret Formula

Coming soon!

Secret Formula is an indica dominant strain that will be joining our Latitude line.

  • % of terpenes TBD
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