We care about how we grow. Inspired by principles of smart, functional, and sustainable design, we are committed to grow with care. Our innovative growing and harvesting processes are designed to reduce crop risk, increase yields, and cultivate the highest quality strains of cannabis plants.

The growing method we use is called the Isolated Growth Strategy. In this method, seedlings and plants are grown in smaller rooms varying in size from 1,800 to 3,000 square feet. The isolated grow rooms allow for optimized environmental control of temperature, humidity, light, water, and nutrient supply to foster higher yields and superior quality. The segregated grow rooms also mitigate the potential spread of disease to a whole crop, unlike the "sea of green" method commonly used by other growers, where one diseased plant can wipe out an entire crop, potentially costing millions of dollars.


Freedom’s Commercial Scale and Craft Quality strategy utilizes smaller gardening areas and small batch cultivation techniques to mitigate risk and improve yields and quality of our products. Freedom believes this growing methodology, combined with our large and diverse genetics portfolio, will enable us to offer a very impressive variety of high quality cannabis products.


We care about what we make. Through innovation, effort, attention to detail, and respect for the cannabis plant and our customers, our team of master growers have created a product plan that will allow us to produce the highest quality medicinal and adult recreational cannabis products that fit any lifestyle. We are committed to growing a variety of cannabis strains to service the broad range of demand in the market.