Freedom Cannabis announces plans to become one of the largest Licensed Producers in Canada

With Alberta anticipated to be one of Canada’s largest and most diverse recreational cannabis market, Freedom Cannabis is wasting no time in having their first-class grow facility fully operational by January of 2019. Situated on 56 acres in Acheson, Alberta the 125,000 square foot operation is slated to grow to 375,000 square feet by 2020 with expansion potential of over 2 million square feet.

Co-founder and CEO of Freedom Cannabis, Gianfranco Potestio says, “We are incredibly excited to be in the first phase of construction for our facility. Our customers deserve the best and we have spared no expense in creating a state-of-the art environment for growing diverse strains of premium cannabis. Everyday we get closer to realizing our dreams and its thrilling to think that soon we will be one of the largest Licensed Producers in Canada.”

The enterprise was co-founded in 2016 by Gianfranco Potestio along with Troy Dezwart and Julie Girard-Potestio. As the key management team, they have assembled Canada’s top industry experts skilled in cannabis licensing, cultivation, law, finance, and pharmacology to execute their sustainable and scalable business plan. Adding to the list of elected officials who have come out in support of this industry, former Edmonton Mayor, Bill Smith has even found a home at Freedom Cannabis. 

As mentioned previously, the growth potential for the cannabis industry is phenomenal. After legalization in July of 2018 the economic impact for recreational and medical cannabis in Canada is predicted to exceed 22 billion dollars* (Deloitte, 2017). “Based on current production, the demand for cannabis over the next few years will far exceed the available supply. The timing is perfect for Freedom to enter the market and capitalize on the exploding demand for premium quality cannabis products.” said Potestio. 

Currently there are over 88 licensed producers in Canada. Getting their new facility operational is a vital step toward obtaining a license to produce cannabis. 

Freedom is well positioned to do just that according to President and co-founder Julie Potestio. “Our licensing application through Health Canada has been proceeding under the guidance of experienced experts who have been successful in obtaining licenses for a number of other producers. Now that the facility is under construction we anticipate being licensed by next fall and producing cannabis shortly after that.” 

Entering the market at this stage means new growers must find innovative ways to compete with larger, more established players. Freedom Cannabis believes their unique growing method gives them a competitive and sustainable advantage. While many other growers use “a sea of green” method where plants are all kept together in one space, creating the potential for one diseased plant to wipe out an entire crop, Freedom uses the Isolated Grow Strategy. With this method, seedlings and plants are grown in smaller rooms varying in size from 1000 to 2,500 square feet. The segregated grow rooms mitigate the potential spread of disease to a whole crop and allow for optimized environmental control of temperature, humidity, light, water, and nutrient supply to foster higher yields and superior quality. 

Freedom Cannabis promises to be a different kind of cannabis company committed to a purpose driven business model. Future plans include compassion and care programs for those in need who are unable to access medicinal cannabis as well as internship programs for university graduates interested in learning how to build a cannabis business.  

 Co-founder and COO Troy Dezwart believes their culture will make the difference. “We exist to give people the freedom to live their best lives. A life where they are free to heal, soar and relax. He is convinced when he says, “Our dynamic team, superior grow methods, brand marketing and values-driven culture will ensure success for Freedom. We see an opportunity to be on the ground floor of a burgeoning and lucrative industry that can benefit so many people.”

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