Our Luminate product line is comprised of sativa dominant strains with high THC and low CBD. Sativa dominant strains are known to have uplifting effects.




Tutti Frutti

CBD 0.07%THC 22%

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Tutti Frutti is an energizing sativa dominant strain with THC levels around 22%. The aroma is fruit punch with notes of pine, blending perfectly with the breathtaking fruity flavour. You will know Tutti Frutti as soon as you smell it, but you can also recognize it by its green and purple hues.

  • 20% alpha-pinene
  • 12% beta-caryophyllene
  • 30% beta-pinene
  • 12% myrcene
  • 26% other
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CBD 0.07%THC 19%

Slurricane is a indica dominant strain with a THC content of about 25-31%. The terpenes total 3.35% and are highlighted with Caryophyllene and Limonene.  Slurricane possess a sweet flavour profile which features hints of sugary berries, gives it a sweet grapes and butterscotch.  The buds are dark green, accented with purple hues and feature a thick layer of trichomes.  

  • 9% alpha-humulene
  • 23% Beta-caryophyllene
  • 31% beta-pinene
  • 15% nerolidol
  • 22% other
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