03 / 02 / 2020

Sustainability Matters: How Freedom Cannabis is Doing Their Part

The cannabis industry is growing, and this incredible evolution means two things: more access to cannabis for consumers, and a larger carbon-footprint for growers. We’re beyond excited that the benefits of cannabis are so valued by Canadians. But a larger environmental impact? We can’t say we love that.
According to the Global Footprint Network, just one joint generates around 1.5 kg of CO2 emissions, roughly equivalent to leaving a 100-watt light bulb turned on for a whole day. This adds up to about 4600 kg of emissions per kilogram of cannabis, or the equivalent of 3 million cars. In total, this becomes roughly $6 billion in energy expenditure. This, of course, varies by stages of growth and production, type of electricity, local climate, and use of energy-preserving technology.

But, it’s still not what we like to hear.

That’s why we at Freedom Cannabis have made green cannabis (excuse the pun) our mission. Our founders strive to ensure that sustainability is one of Freedom Cannabis’s core values.

Check out the two biggest steps we’ve taken to reduce our environmental impact

Solar Panels: 

Freedom Cannabis is proud to be the owner of one of the largest arrays of rooftop solar panels in Canada. As of November 2019, our 126,000-square-foot facility in Acheson, Alberta activated the 4,574 solar modules on its rooftop. The solar panels are estimated to offset about 1,041 tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually, and supply about 8% of the buildings annual power consumption. “Every company should do whatever it can to minimize its impact on the environment,” co-founder Troy Dezwar told Marijuana Business Daily. “I would encourage cannabis companies to look for ways to minimize their impact on the environment, including water they use, or biofuel options. There’s different things we can do.”
Solar panels are just one of the ways that Freedom Cannabis has committed to being an environmentally-friendly, socially-conscious company.

Recyclable Containers:

A common complaint amongst cannabis consumers is the plethora of packaging that comes with each order.
"We've been hearing nothing but negative energy (about) the packaging strategies that have a lot of paper and a lot of waste," said co-founder Troy Dezwart in an interview with the Winnipeg Free Press.
At Freedom Cannabis, we understand that waste is a major problem. That’s why we vow not to use plastic containers to ship products. Instead, we package our products with Nitrotin. Its 100% recyclable packaging is great for the environment. Plus, it uses special technology to infuse liquid nitrogen into each tin of cannabis, keeping out any oxygen. This ensures the product remains fresh and crisp, and gives it a much longer shelf life than regularly-packaged cannabis products (from months to years).

As Freedom Cannabis evolves and expands, we will continue to employ sustainable business practices. We don’t think the environment deserves any more damage, and will do whatever we can to minimize our impact. That’s our promise to you.

Sustainable cannabis all the way!


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