03 / 02 / 2020

Creating a Positive Cannabis Experience

We’re entering a powerful new age: one where cannabis is looked at with respect and curiosity, rather than discrimination and shame.
With cannabis now legal in Canada, consumers can feel safe exploring the effects of this incredibly diverse plant.

However, we still want to make sure that people remember:
It’s important to treat cannabis with caution and respect.

We came up with a few tips to ensure yours and others safety while using cannabis, as well as some ways to create a comfortable and safe environment in which to experience it.

Using cannabis Safely: A Few Tips

  1. Keep cannabis stored safely away from kids. If a child eats cannabis call the poison control hotline.
  2. Cannabis affects everyone differently. Products contain varying doses of THC. If you are unsure of how the drug will affect you, start with a small amount.
  3. Take care with edibles. They take longer to have an effect, so it is easy to take too much. Be sure to start with a small amount.
  4. Mixing cannabis with alcohol or other drugs can have unpredictable results and is more risky. Be cautious when consuming both at the same time. If you take any prescription or non-prescription medications, ensure that you speak with your health care provider before consuming cannabis.
  5. Cannabis affects your ability to react. It also doubles your chances of being in a vehicle crash. Do not operate heavy machinery or perform safety-sensitive activities while using any form of cannabis.

Creating a Positive Cannabis Experience

Cannabis users tend to agree: when it comes to using cannabis, it’s common to have at least one subpar experience. Whether it’s getting too stoned at a party and forgetting how to make small talk, or smoking a strain that amplifies your anxiety, it’s understood across the board:
Sometimes, using recreational cannabis doesn’t go the way you want.

We came up with some advice to help you avoid any negative experiences, though it’s important to remember that each time will be unique, and it’s key to roll with the punches.

  1. Do your research: Can we get a “Hallelujah” for the internet? With all the information available at our fingertips, there’s no longer an excuse for our lack of awareness. Before you consume cannabis, ensure you know exactly what you’re looking for. How much should you take? Are you looking for a sativa high or an indica high? Perhaps a hybrid? Will you smoke? Vape? Consume edibles? Maybe CBD is more what you’re looking for? The list is endless, and the options enormous. Take a look at our other posts to learn a little more about the different strains and their effects, so that you can curate the best possible experience.
  2. Start slow and small: As the saying goes: only bite off as much as you can chew. When first trying out cannabis, be sure to try only have a small amount. You can always have more- but you can’t exactly have less. Once you have an understanding of your tolerance, then you can go from there. Slight increases in dosage each time will leave you feeling comfortable and safe, and will greatly lessen your chances of getting too high.
  3. Start in a safe space (like your home): When experiencing anything for the first time, it’s always smart to put yourself in a comfortable environment. Make sure you don’t have any major responsibilities, you’re with people who make you feel secure, and you’re in an environment that will suit your state. The best way to have a positive experience is to create one yourself! Perhaps take a bath, watch a funny movie with a hot cup of tea, or plant yourself in front of an empty canvas and see what happens. There’s so much to choose from!
  4. Understand that each time will be different: When it comes to cannabis, there are endless strains, methods of consumption, and cannabinoid ratios. It might take some time to find the right one for you, and that will change depending on your needs. Accept that each experience will be unique, and provide you with new insight into your requirements. No matter what, you will come down from your high and once again be your sober self- so whatever happens, it won’t last forever!

We at Freedom Cannabis want you to feel safe, secure, and prepared when it comes to cannabis. It should be a pleasant experience for you. Make sure you follow these tips for the best possible cannabis adventure!


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